All you can eat English buffet

If it were possible our young adventurer would happily rip out the still-beating heart of ever female mosquito on the planet (the dudes are fine).

The mosquitoes of Barquisimeto had long ago given up their vampiric ways, choosing instead a life of peace and harmony. Nobody in the history of that little city had ever been bitten, licked or even sniffed at by Lucifer’s flying army… that is until Fray came to town!!!

“PARTY TIME! Choose your ankle, settle down and gorge yourself stupid! The ‘all you can eat’ English buffet is now open to the ravenous hoards!” (and boy were they hungry)

Much fun was had by all at the party, with a few cheeky revelers venturing away from the ankles to sample some juicy arm blood, and one gluttonous individual even slurping down some back blood… cheeky!

But as with all great gatherings there was a price to pay. The sated swarms of Satan retired to whatever demonic realm they occupy by day, bodies grossly swollen by the gallons they had consumed, and young Fray was left to wake up to a myriad of exquisitely itchy red welts… oh how he laughed…..

…… and continued to laugh 3 days later as the welts persisted with their itchy, unsightly goodness!

1 thought on “All you can eat English buffet”

  1. Oh dear, take some anti-histamines they will really help with the bites. Apart from the ravenous beasts, sounds like you’re having a blast!!! Hugs xx


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