So what’s the craic with this Team Fraytrain anyhow?

Greetings and welcome to Allaboardthefraytrain!

We’re Adam (UK) and Carolina (Brazil), and together we form Team Fraytrain.


Before I met Carol I spent 15 years wandering around, bouncing from country to country. I’d follow the same pattern every time:

  1. Get super excited about a new destination
  2. Save up
  3. Travel
  4. Write a little, volunteer a little, party a little too much
  5. Run out of money
  6. Return to the UK with my tail between my legs
  7. Repeat

Sound familiar?

Then, one fateful day in Buenos Aires, I met Carol and my life changed.

Carol connects all the dots. Big picture thinking, a journalist background to weed out guff and nonsense, an eye for aesthetics, colour and composition and a deep desire to explore the wonders of the world.

After a few years of a long-distance relationship (which sucks), we knew we had to break the pattern.

I’m now approaching my 4th year in South America and we’re celebrating 6 years together, working on our digital nomad dream. 


You want to become a digital nomad too?  

Making the digital nomad life a reality is hard work. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying, already rich or very lucky.

It took us years of trial and error, but we’re finally doing it. 

That’s what you’ll get from us – honesty. We’re not living the 5-star life. You’ll never read about any luxury trips here. That’s not our jam.

We prefer to really experience a place. Live like a local, soak in the atmosphere and engage with the community.

If that’s your style of travel, you’re in the right place. 

Everything we produce is to help you become a better traveller:

  • Save some cash 
  • Travel longer
  • Have a more authentic, unique experience

Every Friday we send out The Fraytrain Express – a short little punch of knowledge. Either our own pearls of wisdom or the best articles, courses, offers or freebies from the travel world.

Want more???

I wrote my first travel book all about the joys of backpacking around Israel. Buy your copy from Amazon Kindle here.

Want to read about me pouring my heart out to the awesome folk over at LifelongVagabonds.com?

Or how about chatting away with Sara from InAfricaandBeyond.com? (although it refers to one of my old websites)

How’s your Spanish? Check out my full page spread in the Mendoza, Argentina, newspaper Diario Uno.

Bored of reading? Listen to me wax lyrical live on the Buenos Aires radio station De Par en Par.



4 thoughts on “So what’s the craic with this Team Fraytrain anyhow?”

    • Hello Maria, my apologies for the delayed response. I’ve sadly neglected my blog of late, but fear not… it’s all for a good cause! The next adventure is being planned as I type, and it will definitely trump all previous madness. Combining travel and racing cars… it’s destined for greatness!

      But that aside, how can I be of service?

    • Awesome! The fact that you are willing to test yourself sets you apart from the crowd… and when you do I hope I can share in your amazing experiences too.

      P.s. I hope you’re ready to stoke the embers, because (after a short layoff), the Fraytrain is almost ready to start rolling again! Croatia, #UKBA15, a Spanish summer and who knows what else… they’ll all be filling your eyeballs with joy in the coming weeks and months


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