Over the years we’ve tried hundreds of products, services and resources.

Some of them we can’t live without while most have been lost in the history of time. Below is a list of some of the game-changing resources we couldn’t live without while travelling the world.

Everything on the list has been tried and tested and we love it. There’s not a chance we’d push something we don’t personally use.

This list includes affiliate links – it won’t cost you a penny more but it will help keep the site alive and kicking.


My RavPower battery pack never leaves my side! I use my phone A LOT for photos, videos, social media, emails, calls. I also normally have at least one camera with me, either 360 or GoPro.

If I’m going off hiking I need to know that they’ll last the duration. The RavPower 26800 power bank is an absolute beast. From a 44-hour bus ride to 3 days hiking in the wild, I know this power bank won’t let me down.

The other bonus is it’s made of Vibranium! Not literally, but it’s pretty indestructible! Mine has taken several big falls, slips or bangs and still runs as smooth today as the day it was bought.

They have a USB-C option too, but that was stolen by staff in Zurich airport a few years ago.

If you’re travelling with any other kind of battery pack, change it today. It’s a little heavy, but it’s built to last and won’t let you down.


When you’re travelling long distances without an internet connection you can get pretty bored.

I absolutely love my Audible subscription. £7.99 a month may seem a little expensive, but hold your horses! Each month you get one new credit to spend on a book. Most books are £10+ so that’s already a good saving, but that’s not the best bit. If you don’t like your book or just want to change it, return it.

As long as you’re reasonable and don’t abuse the system then you can return or refresh your collection when it gets stale.

I go for a mixture of business, self-help and fantasy books to keep my ears entertained.

YOU GET YOUR FIRST BOOK FOR FREE! Even if you just sign up for the free book and never order again you’re a winner.

Language learning

Mimic Method amazing resources





I have too much love for Idahosa and his unique way of teaching languages. I’ve tried hundreds of apps and courses and this one was an absolute game-changer!

He doesn’t teach phrases or vocabulary – he trains your ear and your mouth to be able to hear and speak.

I’ve struggled with Spanish for so many years. It’s normally just a jumbled mess of noise. Idahosa and the Mimic Method technique helped train my ear to break down the stream of noise into actual sounds I could identify. Once you can hear actual words it releases your brain to go exploring the language.


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