A change of style

The style of this journal has been the topic of great debate for the past 3 months. I’ve received many emails from either side of the fence, with some going to great lengths to criticize or congratulate. For both opinions I give thanks… for following my adventures and then giving a chuff enough to give your opinion/advice.

So after much soul searching it’s been decided to send my editor into early retirement and take the reigns myself. He’ll still be available for guest appearances, but when I move on in my travels I shall leave him on the shores of Venezuela, face down in a bucket of rum… It’s how he’d want to be remembered.

With only 2 weeks left before I move onto pastures new I shall attempt to craft my pièce de résistance… a detailed analysis of the Venezuelan psyche (editors note: Hahahaha, good luck with that one!)

To fully understand the Venezuelan I must first become the Venezuelan… so I’m off for a frosty Cuba Libre and fat, juicy arepa… wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “A change of style”

  1. Dude, the Fraythful will tune in in their millions (and millions!) to get the next instalment whether you write in the first second, third or even fourth person – we’re all about the journey, not the pronouns! Would love to see an increase on the average of 3 updates a month though – if only because I love this blog as much as your Venezuelan brethren love rum…


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