A cure for mosquito bites? Kite Mosquito Patch to the rescue

There’s a video floating around the internetย that almost made me pee myself. A cure for mosquito bites???

Are you kidding me right now?



I have NO LOVE for the wee beasties! In Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Samoa, The Cook Islands, Israel… wherever I go they hound me.


A cure for mosquito bites? A cure for mosquito bites? A cure for mosquito bites? A cure for mosquito bites? A cure for mosquito bites?


No matter what I’ve tried, no matter what I do, I can’t keep them away.

  • Lather yourself with Deet – done it.
  • Eat the local food – done it.
  • Bathe yourself with lavender, garlic and holy water – I was single for a long time after, yet still they feasted on my tender skin!


I’ve almost resigned myself to the fact I must suffer if I want to enjoy the beauty of the world.


But not any more!


A cure for mosquito bites?

I know there have been rash promises made before: miracle cures and potions promising a cure for mosquito bites. By the beard of Zeus, I’ve tried most of them!


And then along comes this on my Social Media feed:



The Kite Mosquito Patch isn’t new. It’s been floating around the news since 2013 (when this video was released). The big development now is that, according to the Kite Products website:

Kite Patch is being developed as a lightweight, durable complement to Kite Shield mosquito repellent. Our goal is for Kite Patch to be market-ready in 2017.


It’s currently being road tested in Africa where, according to The World Health Organisation:

Up to 500 million cases (of malaria) occur every year, 90% of them in Africa, and there are up to 2.7 million deaths annually.

If this wonder patch can help make people “invisible” to the little critters, then sign me up!


A cure for mosquito bites?


It works by confusing the insects. I’d personally like to take a stronger approach, but I understand they’re pretty important in the food chain. It works by blocking the detection of carbon dioxide. So even though they can clearly see there’s a juicy wrist/ankle in front of them, they’re too daft to tuck in. HA! In your face mosquitoes!


Be it Malaria, Dengue or Zika, the mosquitoes are coming for us (possibly a bit too dramatic, but you get my drift). Producing GM mosquitoes to counter the OGs (I’m so street!) has proven to be a massive failure, so we need more options.


I’m not going to lie… I’m excited! Let’s hope 2017 is the year I go somewhere sunny and don’t leave looking like a leper.


For a more pessimistic assessment, feel free to head over to this blog from 2013. He’s apparently published papers on mosquitoes, but it was written three years ago, so he’s not going to pee on my parade ๐Ÿ™‚



Do you suffer like me? Or worse? I’ve heard of people coming out in huge blisters. Do you have a miracle cure of your own? Let me know in the comment section below.



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4 thoughts on “A cure for mosquito bites? Kite Mosquito Patch to the rescue”

    • I’m still waiting for the official release! Hopefully the mosquitoes in Brazil will take mercy on me until they start selling them ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. If this product really delivers it could be a game- changer ?.
    Personally, I’ve always tried to think of my mozzy bites as souvenirs from great trips but then again I generally get off very lightly compared to most – and especially you!

    • Did you see those photos??? That handful of ‘souvenirs’ was all acquired in one evening! They even bite the bites!

      They are ruthless. When I’m eventually ready to hang up my travelling shoes then I’ll donate my body to science. Maybe they’ll find a previously undiscovered gene that makes me delicious to the winged hordes, and reverse engineer it to make the ultimate cure for mosquito bites!


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