Comedy gold


So just another typical Saturday, lounging in the backyard listening to tunes, talk of sparking up a BBQ when Fray gets asked if he’d like to attend a comedy night.

Now Fray’s long and bloody battle with the Spanish language has been well documented, and whereas his comprehension has massively improved it is still a war he wages daily.

So off they set, but not to some pokey little, sticky carpet, sleazeball comedy club… no, no, no! They were heading to the oldest theatre in Venezuela: Teatro Juares!


He wanted to take some photos of the beautiful old building, but it was made perfectly clear to him that it would be tantamount to suicide (or at least practically giving my camera away to one of the many nefarious types who roam those streets)….. He quickly rushed inside, but not before helping unload the booze supplies for the interval bar.

Paul would be working the doors, as he had for many years. This intimate knowledge of the venue was shared as they embarked on a nook and cranny tour of the theatre… sweet!

It wasn’t until Fray was asked to help stock the artists dressing room with delicious Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva that he realized this would be a special night.


As Showtime approached and it dawned on them that they had no cups (?!?!?) tension began to mount, but Fray’s calm and soothing tones, and his air of tranquility helped bring order to chaos.

After a brief and interesting stint collecting tickets he made his way to his seat to revel in the mirth and jocularity that was sure to ensue.


Fast forward 2 hours and Fray’s blank and wanting face remained unchanged. After seeing many a set of Alan Carr and Graham Norton he could spot a set based on gay stereotypes a mile off… and he was quite sure he could predict the jokes…. Yet it remained 2 hours of zero comprehension, surrounded by people soiling their little panties with laughter.

A lesser man would have become bored, agitated, frustrated… Not our legend Fray! No, no, no… he found ways to occupy himself and make himself useful:


As the laughter subsided and the masses flocked out, Fray took another stint on the doors, this time wishing people a joyous night where they merrily responded “Que? Que??”….. Such jolly people!

All that was left before retiring for the night was to mingle with the rich and famous and dazzle them with his own witty banter:


The people walked away that night knowing they’d been in the presence of true comedy gold.


Luis “Moncho” Martínez and Wilmer Ramírez thought he was the dogs* too!

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