A phoenix from the ashes

That moment when you completely delete your two-time award nominated blog…

That moment you delete it when you’re just over 3 weeks away from the biggest trip of your life…

That moment when you wipe away all record of your previous work, just as you’re petitioning other bloggers/businesses for support and backing…



All photos gone. All stories gone. All records from previous trips gone.



I could cry.  I could curl up in a ball and weep uncontrollably. I could give up…

No, no, no Fray!

What better opportunity to rebuild? To start afresh and rise like the proverbial phoenix?


It’s going to be a rough ride in the weeks to come, but nothing worth having ever comes easy.


I hope you’ll join me on this next epic stage of this journey.


2 thoughts on “A phoenix from the ashes”

    • Hi Dirk,

      I had issues with my old host, tried to leave them in a hurry and screwed it all up. I ‘ve since realised the importance of backups.

      Not to worry. For every door that closes, another one opens.


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