Just a short one

I’d love to write a Homeric, epic piece about my journey from Palmares to Bocas del Toro, and then back before venturing on to Fortuna, and my home for the next two and half months… Volcán Arenal…

I’d love to… but after pushing a wheelbarrow uphill for a time that Sisyphus would giggle at, I am incredibly tired.

Internet connection isn’t great here either (on a volcano… Go figure!)….. But rest assured, I shall be writing soon… and it will be juicy!

Poison dart frog
Volcán Arenal

I found the placement through WWOOF. Volunteering opens up doors you wouldn’t even know existed if you just hit the standard tourist trails.

If you really want to know a place, a people and a culture, volunteer. It’s one of the best bits of advice I could ever give (I have more top travel tips here).

Costa Rica is a dream country to volunteer in. It’s relatively safe, incredibly beautiful, has a million and one things to see and do, plus the people are really warm and welcoming.

Getting around Costa Rica can be a little tricky if you’re not used to the Latin American style of transport. While the majority of the country speaks English, it’s definitely worth brushing up on your Spanish before visiting.

Check out my list of language learning apps if you need some inspiration.

If you’re looking to travel on a budget, volunteering is definitely the way to go. Costa Rica uses USD so the prices aren’t exactly cheap.

It’s also wise to research the best time of year to visit. You may want to avoid the hordes of frat parties that descend from the north, and the rainy season can put a dampener on your plans.

I’d say between June and July are ideal as you’ll get the full greenery and a little less rain.

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