The revolution will be televised

It’s almost time! In the next few weeks we’ll finally be relaunching Allaboardthefraytrain!

It’s been a wild ride, and we’ve learnt so much, so I can confidently say that we’ll be coming back so much stronger!

For anyone who may be new to the site, here’s a brief history:

Having written of my travels for the last 16 years, I needed a stage from which to share them with the world. Thus Allaboardthefraytrain was born. At the height of my South American wanderings I was pulling in 1000 visitors per hour, and from that came 2 National Blog Award nominations (2014 + 2015), and a spot judging at the Travel Media Awards.

But all was not well up on Walton’s Mountain. As the success rolled in, cracks began to emerge. I’d built the site from the ground up and, having no clue of what I was doing, I played around with web coding. It felt like a great idea at the time, yet over time it all started to unravel with conflicts, errors and an unworkable site.

And then I lost it all. I migrated to a different server and lost it all.

Oh well… easy come, easy go 🙂 (turns out I later recovered it due to the help of a technical guardian angel)

So on I moved to www.packingthewriteway.com, hoping to find my fortune writing product reviews… but again, my heart wasn’t in it.


Long story short? During all this trial and error, the stress and confusion, and the long nights wondering what I was doing, and if I could actually be bothered carrying on (writing… not life)…… I realised that I’ve actually learnt a hell of a lot of stuff.

I’ve researched and prepared a 6000km roadtrip around India (it never came to pass, but that’s by the by). I’ve travelled around the world, sometimes with years of preparation, other times with 72 hours notice and a stunning hangover.


Not only am I pretty good at this, but I want other people to be be good at it too! And this is where relaunching allaboardthefraytrain comes in.

relaunching allaboardthefraytrain

With the all new Allaboardthefraytrain you’re going to get:

  • Stories from the road… from the paradise of the Brazil beaches to wildcamping in Southern France… I’ve got a busy year planned.
  • Advice. From sneaky little travel hacks to save you time and money, to deep and meaningfuls that’ll get the little grey cells working in overdrive.
  • Exclusive access to my upcoming ebooks and online courses.
  • 360 degree photos and video from around the world.
  • Product reviews – If I love it, I’ll share the knowledge. If it’s garbage, you’ll know about it too.
  • Competitions – Everybody loves free stuff!
  • Features and specials from some of the best travel blogs on the web.
  • Much, much more 🙂

If that sounds like your cup of tea, then subscribe below and I’ll make sure you never miss a trick.

Welcome aboard 🙂

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