The Blog Awards UK

I don’t like to blow my own trumpet… I’m a humble guy….. But 4000+ of you think I’m a pretty big deal… So it’s with a massive ego that I mention that I’m nominated in the National Blog Awards UK.

If you’ve ever read anything of mine that made you snigger, chuckle, belly laugh or even dribble a little wee then please check out the link below, scroll down to allaboardthefraytrain and vote me!


4000+ people can’t be wrong!

I personally offer you a massive Fray hug should you vote and I win….. This is strictly a special edition hug, and not one of the normal (yet far superior to the average human) hug*

*hugs cannot be exchanged for cash prizes… Unless I get my book deal and then I will shower you all with low denomination notes whilst shrieking “WOOHOO!!!”

Love each and everyone of you x x x


1 thought on “The Blog Awards UK”

  1. Your strong atmospheric , sometime humerous, sometime sad blogs deserve to win any blog award. Keep them coming!!!!


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