The City in the Valley

After taking in most of the western world on his ‘unusual’ flight (the flight path was Manchester to Germany, then over Scotland to Canada, hang a left to follow the east coast of the States, over the Bermuda (sham) triangle to Dominican Republic before stopping at Panama and FIIIIIINALLY Caracas) our adventurer departed the plane refreshed and full o’ beans >

After receiving the somewhat alarming news only hours before his flight that a one-way ticket would not be sufficient to enter the country he strode casually towards the immigration desk, armed with a confident grasp of the Spanish language, an outbound flight to Panama and a squeaky bum.
“Hola!” he boomed…..

……. The ensuing 10 minutes were a masterclass in incompetence as young Adam gesticulated wildly, pointing to the myriad of entry forms, trying desperately to comprehend what the jolly Venezuelan official was scowling and grunting at. Turns out it was just me as all my forms were in order, and the *##*er never checked for an outbound flight… tricksy, very tricksy!

And then Caracas happened…

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