The make or break night – 14/04/2013

So today saw the 2013 Venezuelan presidential election… and oh what a night.

The death of Hugo Chevez was still very raw!

Sat in a pro-opposition house, Fray eagerly scanned the news sites as the decision dragged on.  To say the mood was tense would be like saying that Fray was an alright guy…. an insanely wild understatement.  News dribbled in via various sources, each one a contradiction of the last, each one either bolstering spirits or crushing hope.  They wanted, nay needed change, and believed that Henrique Capriles Radonski was the man for the job.

UK politics sucks major donkey balls by comparison… these guys are rock stars! Crowds of over a million flock to hear their speeches with actual rock stars on hand to blast out classic tunes and show their support… Cameron and Miliband could well learn a thing from Capriles (Clegg is a lost cause).

The official result was due at 9 pm… it was now 10:10 and still no word, this lead Fray to believe that the result was a lot closer than the ‘opinion polls’ suggested.  With accusations floating around of corruption and vote-rigging the mood was ‘uncomfortable’ to say the least.

10:20… Social media reports of stages being erected… HQ’s celebrating… yet still no official word.

10:32 – Celebrations break out outside… they must know something that Fray doesn’t (Gosh, that would be unusual!) as there’s still complete radio silence.  “Capriles! Capriles! Capriles!” is the chant in the streets… hopes are high, yet doubt still reigns.  The noise outside rises… it’s fast turning into a festival atmosphere! If Maduro wins then Fray will certainly have a LOT more to write about as it will no doubt get real ugly… real fast!

10:55 – Crowds are gathering outside Miraflores Presidential Palace in Caracas… the mood is still festive, yet an air of tension looms.

11:04 – The noise outside has stopped… is that a good or bad sign?  As Fray speaks about as much Spanish as your average potato, he has no idea.

11:15 – We’ve got action!  A result is imminent. There’s not a face in the room that isn’t covered by 2 tightly clasped hands.  So much rests on this election.  Members of the CNE (electoral commission) are walking towards the stage… yelps and sharp intakes of breath are the only noise.

And the new President of Venezuela is……….. Nicolas Maduro.  People are NOT happy!

(This post will be replaced with a full account of the whole election race very shortly, as the result will have major implications on the whole of the Americas)

4 thoughts on “The make or break night – 14/04/2013”

  1. A lovely concise summing up of the political situation there. Although i’m pretty sure I never heard John Snow talk about sucking monkey balls in any of his election night shows!!!!!!!!!

    • it does! on venezuelan half population’s dictionary I guess!! the other half support socialism believing it’s democracy.

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