Update time: Where have I been for the last few months?

Greetings to all!

My apologies for not posting for a while. The months have flown by so quickly, but they’ve not been wasted.

Since the last post I have:

  • Discovered a different side to Sao Paulo (I can actually write positively about it now!)
  • Visited the most miserable zoo in South America (probably not factually accurate, but it broke my heart to wander around the zoo in Foz do Iguacu)
  • Travelled to Paraguay for the 3rd time
  • Fished for and eaten piranha
  • Drank beer with a capybara (or carpincho as they call them here)
  • Spent 3.5 days sleeping on a floating market boat
  • Played foot volleyball (or footybally as it’s known) with the children from a tiny remote village
  • Met the President of Paraguay
  • Flown in a military cargo plane
  • Climbed a mountain
  • Swam in a crystal clear (and groin-shrinkingly cold) waterfall
  • Given ukulele lessons to people from all over Paraguay (it’s not a common instrument here, but super popular)
  • Set a new world record for mosquito bites received

My original mission upon leaving Brazil was to travel around Paraguay, check out all the highlights and then write a travel guide for Worldpackers.com. Due to the sheer amount of adventure to be had in Paraguay this has now snowballed to become a MUCH bigger project. I genuinely believe that there’s a book worth of material here and, judging by the success of my last book, I think I can really make Paraguay proud.

It’s one of the least visited countries in South America, and the people who do come usually only wander around the capital city, Asuncion, for a few days before moving on for more adventure.

I too made that mistake all those years ago during my first visit. Aside from one journey to the jungle to get my Guarani tattoo I was a city slicker. I was completely unaware of the waterfalls, the adventure sports, the natural beauty, the madness of the wild and the generosity of the people.

My mission now is to make others aware of the depths of this magical little country.

I’ll be here for another few weeks before locking myself away to write everything up. Until then I plan on much more wild-camping, horse riding, kayaking and feeding the local mosquito population.

For the latest photos and videos make sure you’re following my Instagram feed and Facebook page.

Regular service on here will resume in a couple of weeks, and I promise you’ll be blown away with the new material.


I love each and every one of you.
Peace out,

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