Mother Nature lets loose!

During my time in Costa Rica I had the privilege to bear witness to Mother Nature at her best… she really got her creative groove on in Central America!

An unidentified Costa Rican insect A Golden Orb spider in Costa Rica




I had the pleasure of spending 3 months alone in the jungle. I had occasional encounters with locals plus I had to occasionally drive into town for supplies. Other than that, I’d go for days and days without seeing another human being.

Was I alone? Never.

The rich and diverse wildlife in Costa Rica is incredible.

I was happily ignorant to all the things that could bite and hurt me, otherwise I may never have left the house.

I spent the long, warm, sweaty days wandering around the farm, slashing things with my machete, playing with the dogs and photographing the incredible natural beauty.

I’d spend the evenings fighting toads, beating back hordes of dengue mosquitoes or enjoying the ferocious thunderstorms which rage all through the rainy season.

It’s amazing how quickly your body and mind adapts to the isolation. I remember it fondly as one of the most peaceful times in my life.

It was an incredible experience to spend that much time alone. I became attuned to the natural ebb and flow of the jungle. No street lights, no noise, no information overload.

I had a computer to write, wifi to communicate with friends and family and a camera to take awesome shots.

And my pets. I can’t forget about my pets.

Wander out in the morning. Pick some fresh mango, pineapple, banana or star fruit. Eat it fresh or cook it up. Exercise. Play with the animals. Feel complete.

That was a typical day, week and month for me.

I loved it!

If you ever get the chance to connect with nature on that kind of level, do it.

If you get that chance in Costa Rica, snap it up.

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